Our group is open to anyone with an interest in homeschooling. Based in Matteson, IL, we function as a non-denominational, non-sectarian, registered non-profit organization existing for the purpose of supporting and nurturing homeschooling families. We provide social support and practical information regarding homeschooling to supporting members of the organization and the general public who are either contemplating or actively involved in homeschooling children.

Our gathering days are the first and third Wednesday of each month. From September to May, Grassroots meets in the gymnasium at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church…located at 6203 Vollmer Road, in Matteson, Il. St. Paul’s is located on the south side of Vollmer Road, approximately 3/4 miles west of Interstate 57. We offer an educational and entertaining scheduled program on each gathering day. Our program usually starts between noon and 1p.m. Please check our website for more information on gathering day programs. The gathering day also allows parents a chance to talk with each other and seek out support and information.

Grassroots membership fee’s or dues are $60 yearly. You are welcome to fund raise for 50% of the total fee. We provide several opportunities for fundraisers each year. These membership fees go toward the gathering day programs as well as the newsletter and other costs to make our group possible. We always welcome visitors as well. The current visitor fee is $12.

Volunteers make a group successful and therefore we do have a participation policy. The more volunteers we have the more activities we can provide. Everyone is also encouraged to plan field trips or other activities. Groups often enjoy special discounts or free admissions.

We do publish a monthly newsletter featuring detailed information on the scheduled Gathering Day programs and events, field trips, and various club offerings.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Gathering Day!

For information on joining Grassroots Homeschoolers, please contact one of our organizers:

Lydia Koster

Arlene Olson

Lynette Hoffman

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