Grassroots Homeschoolers’ Gathering Day Guidelines

Grassroots Homeschoolers Gathering Day Guidelines

Arrival and General Rules

  • Member families should become familiar with the rules upon joining the group and
    remind their children as needed.
  • All participants must sign a liability waiver for St. Paul’s to use the gym.
  • Park in the back lot during gathering day times.
  • All members and visitors check in at the Welcome Table upon arrival.
  • Members pay a $3.00 per family fee for facility use at each gathering day.
  • Visitors are required to fill out a visitor form and pay a $13.00 visitor fee. Visitor fee
    ($10.00) will be applied toward membership fee at the first visit only. Two visits are
    the maximum without becoming a Grassroots member.
  • Only spouses and grandparents are included in the membership fee. Other guests must
    pay the visitor fee.
  • Set up a table and chairs for your family or make arrangements to share this
    responsibility with friends. All tables and chairs, balls and toys must be put away.
  • You must clean up any lunch mess your family makes and throw away all disposable
    lunch packaging. Please keep food in the table area only.
  • Children are not allowed in the hallways, supply rooms or kitchen unless authorized and
    attended by an adult. When church members are using the kitchen we don’t enter.
  • Parents or guardians MUST remain with their children at all times. No drop offs allowed.

Programming Rules

  • Because our Gathering Days are held in a gym, the noise levels can seem chaotic at
    times. PLEASE remind your children that work is being conducted in the church offices
    and we all must control behavior that affects the noise levels.
  • If your child is not interested in the day’s program or activities they are welcome to
    gather at the opposite end of the gym and play or talk quietly until the program has
    ended. Parents are asked to talk quietly during programs, as well.
  • Parents need to help younger children during hands on activities.
  • Families should help with clean up after activities and help us leave the gym clean.
  • Open gym time is permitted only after the end of the day’s program or activity, and is
    allowed only when announced.
  • There is no wild running or ball throwing, chasing or rough play in the table area.

♦       For existing members, click to Download Guidelines Form       ♦
♦       For new members, click to Download Enrollment, Release, and Guidelines Form       ♦


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