Grassroots Homeschoolers’ Gathering Day Guidelines

   Grassroots Homeschoolers’ Gathering Day Rules and Guidelines:

Please read and review these Gathering Day Rules with your children at home and at the Welcome Table upon arrival.

  • Park in the back lot of the Church and enter through the Gym doors located through the fenced-in play yard.
  • Doors to the Gym open at 11:30am.
  • All members and visitors are asked to check-in at the Welcome Table.
  • Members are expected to pay a $3 facility fee for each Gathering Day.
  • Visitors are required to fill out a visitor’s form and pay a $13 visitors fee.
  • Member’s grandparents and spouses are always free.
  • The Welcome Table will close at the start of our Gathering Day programs. Please be sure to complete any business prior to its close!
  • Please wear a name-tag (available at the Welcome Table) and have your children wear them too. It makes it easier for us all to get to know each other and helps visitors and new members feel welcome.
  • Items of Interest may be posted on the bulletin board and/or submitted to the newsletter editors.
  • All are welcome to bring a lunch to enjoy while visiting and making new friends before the scheduled Program.
  • You are welcome to set up a table and chairs for your family or make arrangements to share this responsibility with friends.
  • Please clean up any mess you make and throw away all lunch debris.
  • Children are NOT allowed in the hallways, supply rooms, or kitchen unless authorized and attended by an adult.
  • Parents/Guardians must remain on the premises with their children at all times.

Programming Rules:

Because our Gathering Days are held in a gym, the noise levels can seem chaotic at times. Please remind your children that work is being conducted in the Church Offices and we must keep our noise levels to a minimum.

Once the call for announcements begins, parents must gather their families and participate or sit with them until the end of the scheduled program. If your child is not interested in the day’s activities/program, they are welcome to gather at the opposite end of the gym and play quietly until the activity/program has ended.

Use of the playground equipment is prohibited. Children may play in the backyard area under close adult supervision only when the St. Paul Preschool children are not occupying the space.

Use of any St. Paul’s gym equipment is prohibited. Please bring your own gym balls or use the equipment proved by our group.

Use of the gym floor is permitted only after all Gathering Day Programs are complete.

All families are encouraged to help with any clean up needed after the program is complete.

At the Close of the Program (or sooner if you will be leaving early) please take down and put away your family’s table and chairs, or make arrangements to share this responsibility with a friend.

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