About Grassroots Homeschoolers

We Are Grassroots!

Grassroots is open to anyone with an interest in homeschooling. Based in Matteson, Illinois, we are a non-denominational, nonsectarian, registered non-profit organization. Our mission is to support and nurture homeschooling families. We provide a social network of growth and camaraderie as well as practical information to our community members and all others who are either actively involved in homeschooling or considering embarking on the homeschooling adventure.

We are a diverse group with members spread across the entire Chicago Southland region. Participants range in age from pre-K all the way up through high school, and we even have a few baby brothers and sisters who join in the fun. Grassroots is a family-friendly organization.

What We Do Best – Gather, Grow, and Inspire

Our gathering days are the first and third Wednesday of each month. From September to May, Grassroots meets in the gymnasium at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, located at 6201 Vollmer Road, Matteson, IL 60443. The church is located on the south side of Vollmer Road, approximately 3/4 miles west of Interstate 57, and parking is available in the back lot. The south entrance to the gymnasium is open by 11:30am on each gathering day.

Each time that we meet, we offer an educational and entertaining program. From guest speakers and parents sharing their expertise to a science fair and holiday parties, Grassroots strives to engage children at their levels while still challenging them to greet and embrace new ideas.

The gathering day also gives parents a chance to talk with one other, to seek out support and information, and build friendships with other homeschooling families.

For more information regarding Gathering Days, please see: Grassroots Homeschoolers Gathering Day Guidelines.

Membership and Volunteering

Grassroots annual membership fees are $80 per family plus $10 per child. Please note that there is an additional 4% fee for all electronic transactions. These membership fees go toward bringing in guest speakers, craft supplies, and holiday parties; they also fund our newsletter. Published monthly, our newsletter features detailed information on gathering day programs, events, and field trips.

Volunteers are what make a group successful. Therefore, we have a participation policy. We ask that all parents who are able donate some of their time to enriching the Grassroots experience, whether through leading a craft session, giving a gathering day presentation, or volunteering time behind the scenes to ensure that Grassroots can continue offering the kinds of opportunities and experiences that our children need and desire.

Members are also encouraged to plan field trips or other activities outside of our gathering days. Check with your local museums, parks, and libraries – with advance scheduling, homeschooling groups often enjoy special discounts or free admissions.

Grassroots is truly a grassroots organization: the more volunteers we have the more fun and education we can provide.
If you think you might be interested in joining us but would like to try us out first, we always welcome visitors. There is a $13 visitor fee per day per family.

Enroll With Grassroots Today!

To begin your family’s enrollment, please download the Grassroots Enrollment, Release, and Guidelines Forms. Complete all forms and bring them to a Gathering Day.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Gathering Day!

For more information on joining Grassroots Homeschoolers, please contact one of our organizers:

Arlene Olson or Carla Guel at:


6 thoughts on “About Grassroots Homeschoolers

  1. Hello,

    My name is Precious Allen and I’m writing to see if you have any full-time teaching positions for the 18-19 school year. I’m in my seventh year of teaching and would like to submit my resume.

    Thank you for your time.

    Warm Regards,
    Precious Allen


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